TBE, Chloroquine, Primaquine, Repel, MSK etc


Special Access Scheme Category B form is available at www.tga.gov.au.

HL Pharma (Customer Service Ph: 03 98236228 Email: contact@hlpharma.com.au ) supply Ticovac vaccines for Tick Borne Encephalitis. Please contact Emily-Ann Nash (Marketing & New Business Manager) & she will arrange for account to be set up & will also email you their order forms.

Once TGA – SAS has been approved, contact HL Pharma & to check that stock is available. Clinics then need to email order form & TGA approval form to HL Pharma.  If orders are emailed by 1pm they are usually sent that day (unless a Friday).

Cost is $119 per vaccine & Freight $60. (this freight charge is Australia wide).


Special Access Scheme Category B form is available at www.tga.gov.au.

Link Pharmaceuticals (Customer Service for SAS products Ph: 02 84019771 Fax: 02 84019785) supply Avloclor 250mgs (Chloroquin) 20 tabs.

Once TGA – SAS has been approved, contact Customer Service & to check that stock is available. Once confirmed payment is required by Credit card or you can sent up an account. Clinics then need to fax order form & TGA approval form to Link.

Cost is $20


BNM Group (Customer Service Ph 1 800 627 680 Fax: 02 99067147) supply Primaquin tabs 28 tabs or 56 tabs.

Primaquin  does not need TGA approval on Special Access form at this time (June 2015).

Both Primaquin 56 tabs ($60) & Primaquin 28 tabs ($30) are available


Skin shield supply Repel products & at present 75g, 60ml Roll on & 60ml sprays are available at A$5.25 per unit (delivered). 25g gel is $3.75 per unit

From 23rd November 2015, orders will be dispatch from a supplier in Australia & minimum purchase is 24 units. Orders still need to be emailed as normal, direct to Skin Shield.

Payment 7 days after arrival via transfer in A$ to Skin Shield nominated account or by credit card.

Skin Shield Products Ltd (New Zealand)
Contact Chris Bradley Ph: 0011 64 21 677 002
Email: c.bradley@xtra.co.nz
Web site: www.skinshield.co.nz
Orders: email to contactus@skinshield.co.nz


LLIN are better as the treatment lasts for the life of the net – net does not need retreating info at www.equip.com.au

Costs are as per below:

Compact Single LLIN* Mosquito Bed Net B1400 $16.95 $34.95
Compact Double LLIN* Mosquito Bed Net B1500 $19.95 $44.95
Single Bed LLIN* Mosquito Bed Net B0200 $27.95 $55.95
Double LLIN* Mosquito Bed Net B0100 $32.95 $65.95


Debugger Permethrin Treatment packs. Buy at $10.95 & RRP is $21.95. The box contains 20ml of permethrin, pair of gloves, 5ml syringe, instructions in small zip lock bag

Orders over $500 are freight free.

Address for orders is:

Equip Health Systems Pty Ltd
Unit 1/5 Hines Road
O’Connor, WA 6163
Ph: 08 9331 6033
Fax: 08 9331 6044
Email: admin@equip.com.au
Website: www.equip.com.au

Sales contact is:

General Manager
Ph: 0418 339 335
Email: manager@equip.com.au

Account contact is:

Leanne Marsh
Email: leanne@equip.com.au

MSK ( Malaria Survival kit) msk

These come in two parts

1 The bag with lancets etc and
2. The box with the malaria kits

see photo

Part 1 is known as the Malaria Supplement and can be ordered on the DD 801 form – or you can make them yourself This is a Tour bag containing further instructions, lancets, alco wipes, bandaids & gloves.

Part 2 is the white and orange box ( BinaxNOW) with the malaria kit are available from:

Inverness Medical Innovations Pty Ltd trading as Alere.
632 Seventeen Mile Rocks Road, Sinnamon Park 4073 QLD
Ph: 07 33637100 – choose option 1
Fax: 07 33637199
Email: au.orders@alere.com
Web: www.alere.com/au/en/product-details/binaxnow-malaria.html

IMPORTANT! TGA requirements are that Binax Malarial kits MUST be sold in the original packet. There are 5 test cards in the pack

If you contact Customer Service & say you are from a TMA clinic they will explain the account process. At 30 June 2012, cost  was $69.

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