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Kokoda… 75th Anniversary.

Dr Judith Kirkwood  TMA member St Kilda Road Melbourne

In the middle of last year, I decided I needed a new challenge, and had always wanted to know more about the war in PNG, and just what the Kokoda Track was all about. I had been chatting with the CEO of Beyond Blue and when I was later reading her bio, I came across their fundraising page. To raise mental health awareness, Beyond Blue was running a trip to do the Kokoda Track. I chose the date in 2017 that departed on my birthday, and that also meant we would be on the track for ANZAC day, so I signed up there and then. I managed to talk my dad into doing it with me.

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What vaccines should I get to travel to Peru?

Dr Simon Thatcher  Health HQ Southport

Most travellers have heard Yellow Fever vaccine is compulsory to enter Australia after Peru. While not compulsory, it is recommended. Yellow fever vaccination is required to cross borders to many other South American countries you may visit. It is also one of the haemorrhagic viruses (like Ebola) with a high fatality rate, so if you are going to the Yellow Fever areas of Peru it will be recommended whether you need it for customs or not.

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