Plague has not gone away

Plague or the Black death is rare in the world, but has not gone away. Plague epidemics have occurred in Africa, Asia, and South America but most human cases since the 1990s have occurred in Africa. Plague was first introduced into the United States in 1900, by rat–infested steamships that had sailed from affected areas, mostly from Asia. Recently health officials in Salt Lake City confirmed a Utah resident died from plague.  Since April 1st 2015, a total of 12 cases of human plague have been reported in residents of seven states of the USA: Arizona (two). California (one), Colorado (four), New Mexico (two), Oregon (one) and Utah (one).

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To Climb a Mountain

What does it take to climb a mountain?


Curiosity, a burning desire, a challenge (personal or external), a social conscience…

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Survival Tips for Bali

23 Survival tips for Bali:

Having promised the kids an overseas holiday, Bali was the ideal choice. The most expensive part is the flights and accommodation – although there are plenty of bargains to be had. Day to day living expenses are cheap. Whilst there, I wrote some “notes to self’ to share with our readers.

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The Flu Vaccine

Should I have the Flu Vaccine?

Travellers risk coming into contact with influenza in airports where thousands of people gather from around the globe, bringing their various illnesses with them. The influenza vaccine, (flu shot) is a safe, killed derivative of three influenza strains. It is cheap and very effective against the strains in the vaccine. If you catch influenza it is certainly a holiday stopper and can even be fatal. Would I risk travelling without my “ Flu “ vaccine? No, not when for such a small inconvenience I could be saved from such a potentially dangerous illness.

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How to Bug your Travel Doctor

How to bug your Travel Doctor;

A tongue in cheek look at questions/problems we face.

Dr John Kenafake – Sunshine Coast

Below are some of the day to day questions asked to Travel Doctors.

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Scabies and Rabies

Scabies and Rabies: A personal journey in Morocco


She bared her teeth and raced furiously towards me, slobber dripping from her mouth while my wife and I stood statue-still, trying not to look like victims. What are you meant to do in this situation? Turn around? Make a noise? Run? Stand still? Despite my best efforts to not look like a threat, the dog continued to run towards me.

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Ross River Virus Outbreak

Outbreaks closer to home – 2015

Dr Fauzie Le Duc – TMA Member Nerang

Ross river virus is a virus transmitted through mosquito bites that affects Australia and the Pacific Islands.  There is a current alert with increased numbers of infections in Queensland and New South Wales.

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The Kokoda Track

The Kokoda Track

Ann-Maree Smith ( traveller/ patient of the Maitland Clinic )

When an email crossed my desktop early in 2014 and my 37-year-old nephew came on board, it was on. With four months left to departure, we made good use of training in local forests and national parks. Steep hills became loved, like never before. Our favourite climb was 153m, up and down five times, with 12kg in our backpacks. We also went to the gym, using weights to improve strength.

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Equatorial Adventure

A surprising Equatorial Adventure.

Dr. Rowena Sheppard – Goondiwindi

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Alice Springs Family Medical Centre

Alice Springs Family Medical Centre, (ASFMC) was opened in Sept 2006 by myself, Dr Deb Mitchell, and my partner Susie who is the practice manager and the practice nurse, after we both had worked in numerous roles in Central Australia both at Hospital level, and remote health with communities, as well as other mainstream private practices in town.

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