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Welcome to the Travel Medicine Alliance(TMA) page for World Challenge participants

TMA works with Challengers to ensure they access the best possible pre travel medical care for their journeys.We have specialized travel doctors across Australia ( see here )
Here are a few resources that may be of value

A lighthearted look at why it is important to have those jabs : Travelling well or not

Choice recommended it is preferable to see a specialised clinic for travel health advice.

It is very important to get customized medical advice, but if you want to read some travel health information about different destinations, see here.


Special Deal for Challengers

As our vaccines and medications are already discounted for all our patients, we cannot give further discounts, however we would offer Challengers receive a copy of the book, Travelling Well; the must have guide to a safe and healthy journey written by Dr Deb Mills (valued at $24.95) free of charge, as well a soft copy pdf if required so the paper does not have to be carried in the luggage.
Many of the TMA clinics will offer the consultation at just the medicare rebate – just ask them when you make the booking for your consultation.
DDM Travelling Well BK 19th COV
Also Challengers receive a free small first aid kit bag with official green cross to hold their medical supplies, so they look ‘ official’ .
Small (Tour) medical kit bag

Small medical kit bag



Travel Health Information

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