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To safeguard your health, and protect your travels (and protect the health of your family back home), it is IMPORTANT to get up to date travel health advice and the correct vaccinations before you travel overseas.

Why call a TMA doctor for your travel medicine needs?

  • We are experts: Our doctors have specialised training in Travel Medicine.
  • We give less:  we know what is really needed
  • We save you time: all vaccines and medicines are onsite.
  • We give aftercare: on call after your visit – & when you’re overseas.
  • We are individual doctors, & keen travellers: not a mega-company.

We want to ensure you remember your travels for all the right reasons.

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Many travel destinations expose people to unfamiliar environments. These risks are easily managed provided you have up to date pre-departure health information, correct immunisations, and a travellers medical kit.

TMA is an alliance of independent travel medicine practitioners, owned and run by doctors, and formed in 2005 to assist members to provide a better service to their travelling public.

TMA medical staff are familiar with the exact risks in the various countries, regions and itineraries, and how to best manage those risks.

All TMA member doctors receive regular bulletins about health risks around the world, and spend time participating in discussions and meetings about travel medicine.

Our special deals with suppliers mean we can provide travellers with good quality tools (kits, vaccines etc) at a very competitive price.

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