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A Magical Adventure in Iceland

by Dr Andropov

Greetings ex-pandemic adventurers!  As Europe suffers through another record summer, we take you to a cooler alternative destination.  A journey to natural wonders and breathtaking landscapes … in magical Iceland!

It all began on a chilly morning in June, as we set foot in Reykjavik, Iceland's vibrant capital city. Equipped with a map, iPhone, and an enthusiastic spirit, we were eager to explore this extraordinary land.

Iceland is a country with many natural wonders like hot springs, glaziers, high mountains, and rugged fields. While the majority of them are accessible or year long visiting Iceland, in summer has many advantages you can benefit from longer warmer days with an abundance of activities.

Gullfoss Waterfall in Southwest Iceland

Our first stop was the mesmerising Golden Circle, a renowned route that showcases Iceland's iconic attractions. The first sight that unfolded before our eyes was the mighty Gullfoss waterfall - a majestic cascade that thundered with such power, it left us in awe of nature's strength and beauty!

Next on the itinerary was the geothermal wonderland of The Great Geysir. As we stood silently, watching in anticipation, one of the hot springs suddenly erupted into a stunning display of water and steam, reaching heights we had never imagined. The moment was magical, as if witnessing a natural phenomenon straight out of a fairytale.

Hot Spring in Iceland

Leaving the Golden Circle behind, we ventured to the enchanting Blue Lagoon, a geothermal spa renowned for its healing and rejuvenating properties. The milky-blue waters, infused with minerals and heated by volcanic activity, offered the perfect sanctuary to unwind and soak up all the tranquility after days of exploration.

From soothing hot springs to rugged terrains, our journey led us to the black-sand beaches of Reynisfjara. With its towering basalt columns and roaring Atlantic waves crashing upon the shore, this otherworldly landscape transported me to a realm of raw beauty.

We couldn't resist the call of adventure and decided to explore the stunning glaciers that grace Iceland's landscape. Strap on your crampons and hike across the icy wonderland of Sólheimajökull!  The sight of glacial crevasses, sparkling ice formations, and the deafening silence of the icy plains created an eerie atmosphere, reminding us of the power and fragility of Earth's frozen giants.

Hiking boots sitting on an icy cliff

This adventure through Iceland's natural wonders and awe-inspiring landscapes was an experience we will forever cherish. It opened our eyes to the magic that exists in our world, reminding us of the importance of preserving and appreciating the wonders of nature.

We invite you to embark on your own Icelandic adventure. Explore the breathtaking landscapes, chase waterfalls, relax in the healing waters or if travelling in winter, simply revel in the ethereal glory of the winter Northern Lights  - we are looking forward to returning for that! Iceland awaits prepared travellers.

Whilst it seems like Europe and Iceland are 'safe', there are in fact a few things to do to ensure you stay healthy on your trip. Routine childhood vaccines need to be checked. Is your tetanus vaccine current? It's recommended every 10 years when travelling. Measles is flourishing since the pandemic - as vaccine administrations systems got thrown out of kilter due to the demands of the pandemic - recently there was a case in Brisbane brought in from a traveller.

Even simple things like SHINGLES can be very destructive of your trip but is preventable by vaccination.  Also it is wise to get up to date advice about medical supplies for your trip before you go.

Are you ready to awaken the adventure-seeker and nature-lover within you? Until next time, keep exploring, keep dreaming, and keep safe!!

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