Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Alice Springs Family Medical Centre

Alice Springs Family Medical Centre, (ASFMC) was opened in Sept 2006 by myself, Dr Deb Mitchell, and my partner Susie who is the practice manager and the practice nurse, after we both had worked in numerous roles in Central Australia both at Hospital level, and remote health with communities, as well as other mainstream private practices in town.

Due to staff turnover, and variation and quality in GP registrars we are currently a single GP clinic again with close to 4000 active patients on our books. Alice Springs population is close to 28,000 and for those that do not realise we are not close to “The Rock” but 500km away from Yulara and Uluru but fairly close to being in the middle of Australia. We are a fee paying clinic with a tiered structure for pensioners, locals, Australian visitors and then International tourists.

We stock all routine vaccinations on site, and due to our relationship with TMA can get JE and rabies ordered very quickly if demand is required with turnaround often less than 3 days. Due to our Aboriginal population morbidity issues we strongly advocate patients consider routine fluvax, adecel for whooping cough, and hepatitis A and B vaccinations if working or travelling to communities regularly and then a lot of our local population travel to SE Asia on holidays or further abroad to all parts of the globe.

At times we also inherit Australian and international tourists travelling the country needing to continue their vaccinations started interstate. We politely would remind patients (and potential patients) that with 4000 active patients our capacity at times can be challenged. We try to help with exceptions for travel requirements when absolutely necessary due to limited time constraints, but would expect patinets to be organised and book an appropriate length consultation with plenty of notice prior to their travel date.

Please have a look at our website – for more information about the clinic and current vaccine pricing.

Dr. Deb Mitchell