Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Hadrians Wall Path

By Carmel Limpus, Registered Nurse, Ipswich TMA Finally after two years of being confined to Australia, I’m off to the UK to get my hiking on! It’s very freeing to the spirit when boarding the plane on the outbound journey (although no one looks forward to the 24 hrs of sitting), all the potential adventures to […]

A Tropical Escape to Bali

In October 2022 we decided to go for a tropical escape.  It felt like it has been forever since I had a travel consult and surely it had been an eternity since I had travelled overseas. (Ok that really is a first world problem guilty as charged).   So, at short notice and with little […]

Are you contemplating a trip to Nepal?

Namaste! Are you contemplating a trip to Nepal? I travelled there recently with my husband and 2 teen daughters (in December), to trek up to Annapurna Base Camp (ABC), and we have fallen in love with the place! Having previously enjoyed family multi-day hiking trips in New Zealand and Tasmania, we decided trekking in Nepal […]

All about Japanese Encephalitis

Dr Chris Rook Adelaide Member TMA Japanese encephalitis (JE) is a viral disease that can damage the brain and is transmitted by mosquitoes. It is the most common vaccine-preventable cause of epidemic encephalitis world-wide with most cases occurring in Asia. It was first identified in 1935 and it is estimated there are more than 30- […]

Vaccines at home, and trip to Sri Lanka

Mark Sweet TMA member Surrey Hills VIC International travel has been severely curtailed as a result of Covid19. But there are still many reasons that you may want to consult a travel clinic. The TMA doctors are experts in immunisation and some of the TMA clinics are involved in pre-employment / pre-deployment medical assessments. Immunisations when […]

Consider Q Fever Vaccination

 Dr Olga Ilic – GP Shepparton Travel Clinic Q fever is a disease found within Australia – yet many Aussies have never heard of it. Despite there being an effective vaccine, Q Fever continues to cause illness and suffering. Q fever most commonly causes an illness resembling the flu. Symptoms may include high fevers, joint […]

Lessons from Peru

Dr Joan Chamberlain TMA member Rockhampton Yes, yes I know we can’t travel overseas presently, but true travellers will still have passports, suitcases, and travel wish list handy. I recently had 2 comments that reflected this. Lady early in the day, “You will never get me travelling again, it is just too dangerous, especially those […]

The Australian Quarantine Experience – Doctors perspective

Dr Jo-Anne Grey MBBS FRACGP MPH DTMH CTH® TMA member based in Melbourne Since the bottom fell out of international travel with the global spread of the SARS-CoV2 and the subsequent declaration of the pandemic by the WHO, my life as a day-to-day travel medicine practitioner has changed dramatically.  As part of the Victorian Department […]

Covid-19 and cruising

Dr Stanley Khoo, TMA member Travel Medicine Centre Perth The fresh sea air, the relaxing motion of the ocean, the high staff to passenger ratio, these are some of the many factors that have attracted people to cruise travel. Some destinations such as the Arctic and the Antarctic can only be accessible by boat, and […]

Aeroplanes parked in the desert….

Dr John Kenafake – Sunshine Coast Dive & Travel Medicine   Aeroplanes parked in the desert -?It doesn’t bode well for international travel.                       Welcome to the travel blog you’re having when you’re not travelling. I will deliberately NOT use the “C “ word [that’s […]