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Are you protected against yellow fever?


by Dr Alan Leeb,  Ballajura

As we emerge from the acute Covid era and the world gets moving once again, it is a timely reminder about the diseases we may be exposed to overseas and the vaccinations that are required when travelling to certain destinations.

Yellow fever is prevalent in many areas of Africa and Central and South America. It is a serious disease that is transmitted by infected mosquitos.

So named because it causes the skin to turn yellow or jaundiced in severe cases, yellow fever is estimated to cause 30,000 deaths each year.

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Diving Safety Tips

Dr Kelvin Balakrishnan – Ballajura

Palau is an archipelago of about 200 islands in Micronesia, east of the Philippines, with a population of about 20, 000. Although there are many things to see and do in Palau, it is known for its scuba diving. (It was reported as one of Jacques Cousteau’s favourite dive sites in the world. )  I was lucky enough to go to Palau and spend a week diving.

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