Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide


Australian Government Health Advisories

General Medical Information For Travellers

  • US Centre For Disease Control: This site has a comprehensive list of health information for travellers including briefing on country requirements and travel diseases.
  • World Health Organisation: Reports and statistics on many aspects of World Health Organisation programmes relevant to intending travellers.

Medical Clinics In Various Countries

  • NepalCIWEC Centre Kathmandu: Western-quality medical care within Nepal for travelers and expatriates, CIWEC has developed an international reputation for its work in defining the health risks to travelers in Nepal. The CIWEC clinic website is also packed with health hints for trekkers in Nepal.
  • SingaporeInternational Medical Clinic Singapore: Specialises in family and travel medicine for the international community. In recognition of this focus, the staff come from a diverse range of countries, encompassing North America, Europe, Australia and Asia.
  • VietnamThe Family Medical Practice: Vietnam’s oldest, largest and most popular private international health care deliverer. Their clinics in Hanoi, HCM City and Danang offer 24-hour medical services in general and specialist health care including medical evacuations, emergency inpatient facilities, travel medicine advice and vaccinations.
  • UKTrailfinders Travel Medicine Clinic: Excellent place to access top quality travel medicine advice. They stock all vaccines.
  • WorldwideISOS: Credentialed healthcare providers that will deliver high-quality care at affordable prices in many parts of the developing world.
  • WorldwideISTM: International Society of Travel Medicine has a clinic directory for finding Travel clinics world wide.
  • WorldwideIAMAT: The International Association of Medical Assistance to Travellers has a book for travellers listing English speaking doctors in every corner of the globe. IAMAT is a organization established in 1960. You can join for a donation and it takes about 4 weeks for the book to arrive.

Particular Medical Conditions

  • Fearless Flyers: If you are afraid to fly, you are not alone. This site presents information on courses to help you overcome a fear of flying.
  • Jiggers: Tungiasis (or Jiggers) is caused by the flea Tunga penetrans and although there has been an overall reduction of its occurrence within the last decades, it is still highly prevalent where people live in extreme poverty, occurring in many Latin American and African countries.
  • Yellow Fever Online: Important information about Yellow Fever vaccines and vaccinations, Yellow Fever distibution, and vaccine side effects.
  • Altitude Sickness
  • Kilimanjaro guidance:  Mt Kilimanjaro is said to account for about half of the worlds serious cases of mountain sickness, by virtue of its accessibility and the large numbers of groups attempting it with short itineraries. Due to this, The Royal Geographical Society a few years ago produced guidelines on climbing Kili.
  • Find emergency contraception around the world
  • Tuberculosis: Information about the disease – symptoms, treatment and prevention.
  • Culture Shock: Article on how to cope with it University of Wisconsin student services

Travel Information For The Disabled

  • Access-Able Travel Source: Information and everything else you need to know about travel with disabilities, mature travel, disability magazines, access guides, wheelchair travel, scooter rental, accessible transportation and more!

General Information For Travellers

  • International Porter Protection Group: IPPG’s aim is to improve health and safety for the trekking porter at work in the mountains and reduce the incidence of avoidable illness injury and death. This is done by raising awareness of the issue among trekking and travel companies, leaders, sirdars, and trekkers.
  • Responsible Travel: is an independent online resource committed to providing unbiased, clear information to all travellers who are concerned by the impact their activities may be having.
  • Lonely Planet Online: Solid current travel information from the people that made the Lonely Planet guide books such a success.
  • CIA World Factbook: Excellent summary of facts and figures for every country including population, ethnic groups, life expectancy, recent history, and disturbances.
  • Getaway OnLine: The web site for the popular Channel 9 travel program Getaway.
  • Yahoo! Travel: Destination information, net events, links, chat and message boards.
  • Safe Travel: Travel safety tips and advice for travellers.
  • Divers Alert Network: DAN helps divers in need with medical emergency assistance and promotes diving safety through research, education, products and services.

Medical Reference Information

  • The Vaccine Page: Useful and up-to-date information about vaccines and immunology presented in an easy to use format.
  • Journal Of Travel Medicine : Official publication of the International Society of Travel Medicine and the Asia Pacific Travel Health Association.
  • American Society of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene: A peer-reviewed journal published monthly.
  • Manual of Travel Medicine: outstanding reference book for medical practitioners on the subject of travel medicine.