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Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

The delayed 2016 Influenza Vaccine

Dr Cormac Carey, Medical Director, TMA Toowoomba With the 100th birthday of CSL coinciding with Anzac Day this month and the first zephyrs of Winter’s winds arriving it is time to look at the turmoil re this year’s rollout of the 2016 influenza vaccine which has been anything but smooth. CSL started producing influenza vaccine in 1944 along […]

Influenza Vaccine 2016

WHY SHOULD I HAVE A FLU SHOT FOR MY TRIP OVERSEAS?? Dr Michael Long  TMA Narre Warren Huh?!  I don’t need a flu shot for going to Thailand, Europe or the US do I? Isn’t the flu just a cold or the “man flu” or something the oldies get? WRONG WRONG WRONG! Keep reading fellow […]

The Flu Vaccine

Should I have the Flu Vaccine? Travellers risk coming into contact with influenza in airports where thousands of people gather from around the globe, bringing their various illnesses with them. The influenza vaccine, (flu shot) is a safe, killed derivative of three influenza strains. It is cheap and very effective against the strains in the vaccine. If you […]