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Q Fever “Gangnam Style” Toowoomba

Our Toowoomba members’ clinic has been very busy all year with Korean backpackers seeking Q Fever Vaccine prior to working at the local meat works.

This initially presented a few problems with language barriers but we have  had the Q  Fever pre vaccination questionnaire translated into a Korean format (many thanks to Jon Barrell TMA member in Daylesford Vic) .

Other News from the Toowoomba Clinic

Our Wilsonton practice has just completed a much needed makeover with new carpets and a complete repaint, which has drawn wonderful compliments from both staff and patients alike.

We have two new doctors Dr Richie Jaggi and Dr Emma Gradner-Smith also doing weekly sessions which has improved our ability to provide extra appointments.

Our nursing staff pool has also expanded and we have now have four dedicated travel medicine nurses, Natalie Webb, Rebecca Eaton , Belinda Rowney  at  the Wilsonton Medical Centre  and Emma Kropp.

New TMA  Member  at  Brookwater/Springfield

My Life Medical Group opened a new state of the art General Practice within the Mater Health Centre  at the entrance to Brookwater Golf Club earlier this year.This a rapid growth area of South East Queensland and a new direct rail line opens there very shortly.  Dr Cormac Carey is providing travel medicine  consultations  at the clinic and appointments can be made on 3199 3299.


Happy Q Fever Patient

Happy Q Fever Patient

Brookwater Clinic

Brookwater Clinic

St Andrews Hospital Practice

St Andrews Hospital Practice



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