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Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Travel Right, Travel Light

... Provided by Dr Joan Chamberlain, TMA member Rockhampton


Often people put a lot of time into their itinerary and flights but forget about pre travel advice and preparation. Also forgotten at times is consideration to your luggage and packing.

Consideration should be given to your destination, activities, length of flight and luggage requirements.

1. Choosing Luggage

Although each traveller will have different needs some principles remain the same. Choose a good quality bag. You will get what you pay for and you want to get your best mileage out of it. If for under the plane, light weight, two sets of handles, and preferably with wheels and pull out handle. You will not always have trolleys or assistance at your destination. If back pack for under plane, ensure you bag does not have straps or portions that can get caught or torn on automated conveyers or transport belts. Be careful not to have baggage tags that can also be caught. Find another way to ID you luggage. Also ensure that zippers do up well and are unlikely to undo with handling. You do not want to own the bag on the carousel with the under pants taped to the outside.

Put your contact details inside the bag or ensure it is well covered. You don't need to advertise your details. E.g. If you have a bag with a name place, put your card with details towards the inside.

Watch your luggage. Never leave it. More luggage is stolen from the ground than lost from transportation.

2. On flight bag...what to carry

You and your under plane luggage can be parted. Your onboard luggage and your handbag are easier to keep tabs on. Make sure the bag complies with the airlines limits. They can refuse to carry, charge hold fees etc if not compliant. Name everything. Ensure your bag is well labelled. Enclose eye wear, tooth brush and paste, hair brush or comb, moisturiser and a change of underwear. Lost luggage and arrival clothes are not fun for 2 days waiting for lost luggage. A fresh set of under clothes is vital. Ensure medications, travel letters and a copy of documentation is also kept on board. Valuables should not be stored in the hold, take them on board. Phone, camera, jewellery, passports, money, travel checks etc should be carried in your hand bag or in a body belt. Pack a book or activity for in flight.

3. Carry what you know you need, not the spares

Most people just carry too much. You really only need a minimal number of underpants, not one for every day. Most times you can rinse or wash. The same with day clothes, evening wear, rationalize. Spare toiletries? Try buying them. What about the accessories. Do you want to carry these everywhere just in case? Get a seasoned travel friend to revise your bag and show you how to pack it, or read a book on it.

4. Travel with expectancy, good attitude and flexibility

I am yet to have a travel experience where all goes well and according to plan.

Take your attitude and flexibility pill before you go, especially with lost luggage. Handle schedule changes gracefully and ask for assistance with ongoing flights etc as needed.

Don't harass the ones trying to assist you. You may be surprised to know that when the customer's attitude is aggressive, accusing and harassing to the ground crew at the arrival destination, where they had nothing to do with the luggage becoming lost, some luggage will JUST never be found. A pleasant and polite attitude asking for their assistance without accusation will do more to track down your luggage than anything else. Always report lost luggage early and with good attitude.

Trauma with time becomes humour and a good story at the next party!