Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Influenza Vaccine 2016

WHY SHOULD I HAVE A FLU SHOT FOR MY TRIP OVERSEAS?? Dr Michael Long  TMA Narre Warren Huh?!  I don’t need a flu shot for going to Thailand, Europe or the US do I? Isn’t the flu just a cold or the “man flu” or something the oldies get? WRONG WRONG WRONG! Keep reading fellow […]

Typhoon Haiyan travel advice

Prepared by TMA member Narre Warren It is now over a month since Typhoon Haiyan (called Yolanda in the Phillipines) struck the Philippines on 8/11/13. The worst hit provinces were Leyte and Eastern Samar, which experienced sustained winds of 270 kph, gusts of up to 312 kph, and a storm surge in coastal areas as […]

Riding Motorbikes in Vietnam; THINK TWICE!

… Prepared by TMA Member Narre Warren: Dr Michael Long There is plenty of evidence statistics to suggest that Vietnam is quite simply in love with the motorbike. Motorbike travel in Vietnam was popularised further with Western TV viewers with the 2008-9 Top Gear Vietnam special where the heroic Jeremy Clarkson with his friends May and Hammond sputtered […]