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Vaccines at home, and trip to Sri Lanka


Mark Sweet TMA member Surrey Hills VIC

International travel has been severely curtailed as a result of Covid19. But there are still many reasons that you may want to consult a travel clinic. The TMA doctors are experts in immunisation and some of the TMA clinics are involved in pre-employment / pre-deployment medical assessments.
Immunisations when you are not travelling? – Yes!

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To Climb a Mountain


What does it take to climb a mountain?


Curiosity, a burning desire, a challenge (personal or external), a social conscience…

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Europe – Tick Encephalitis


Recently a US family have been awarded $41.7 million in compensation for their daughter catching Tick Encephalitis on a school trip to China. More info.

The disease is quite rare in China but is not uncommon in Europe. Most Australians have never heard of this disease! Tick Borne Encephalitis is a serious disease carried by tick bites in Europe. 1-10% of ticks in affected areas may harbour the virus, and whilst many sufferers have no effect, the disease can cause brain damage and death.

If you are travelling to Europe in the summer (risk season is April to October) and spending a month or more in the forests, vaccination may be recommended. The vaccine is not readily available in Australia, but in Europe the vaccine against TBE is the largest selling private vaccine. There have been 35 million doses prescribed since 1980. Austria has a national program for routine vaccination. Consult your local TMA clinic for more information. More info.

Areas with TE
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A Dental Experience In Thailand


Surrey Hills Senior Clinic Receptionist

I decided to research dental treatment in Thailand after being quoted on a (costly) treatment plan by my Australian dentist.

A colleague who had previously had dental treatment in Thailand, and my brother-in-law who lives part of the year there, encouraged me and reassured me that the high end Thai dental clinics were safe and offered a full range of dental services.

I contacted the clinic recommended to me, firstly by email and promptly received a reply from the dentist assigned to me, requesting the medical and dental history and x-rays etc. that she required to plan and quote.

Meanwhile, I sought travel medicine advice, with particular regard to ensuring I was up to date with Hep A and B immunisations. I also took a course of antibiotics with me to take at the first sign of any infection (which fortunately wasn’t necessary).

The dentist continued email contact with me, with an excellent command of English and reassuring manner. Closer to the time she phoned me a few times confirming how best to book my trip around treatment. It was to start in Bangkok the day I arrived in Thailand, then I would travel to Phuket for a beach holiday and the work would be completed there, including removing the temporary crowns applied in Bangkok, and replacing them with my new ones. Finally Zoom whitening of my remaining teeth was to be done. An unexpected complication was, upon examining me the dentist was unhappy with the integrity of pre-existing root canal treatment of a tooth done in Australia. She arranged a car to take me to an endodontic specialist in Patong that day. I felt momentarily anxious because I hadn’t researched this new place. Anyway, I proceeded and the tooth was retreated to ensure I didn’t encounter trouble beneath the new crown in coming years. Fortunately, the professionalism, equipment and clinical environment at the endodontic clinic also appeared faultless.

In the end I returned to Australia with a complete dental makeover, completed in 2 weeks costing between 30 and 50% of what I would have paid at home. The group of clinics have a very informative website, but didn’t mention, and which I discovered to my delight, that most of the treatment was done in an elevated room with panoramic views over a beautiful beach, and any discomfort I may have experienced was counted by the attentive dental assistants massaging my feet and hands. Perhaps it’s unremarkable there, but what a treat for us Aussies.

I was farewelled with a mouthguard to use at night and a Zoom maintenance treatment to use after 12 months. I had an issue with a tooth a year later and emailed the dentist for advice. By the end of the day she had replied, advising it was not a tooth treated in Thailand, but she gave good and detailed advice and emailed me a week later to ensure that I had seen a dentist here.

Cheaper treatment is available but may come with an increased risk. My overall experience was very positive and extremely cost effective.


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