Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Lessons from Peru

Dr Joan Chamberlain TMA member Rockhampton Yes, yes I know we can’t travel overseas presently, but true travellers will still have passports, suitcases, and travel wish list handy. I recently had 2 comments that reflected this. Lady early in the day, “You will never get me travelling again, it is just too dangerous, especially those […]

Patagonia and Punta Arenas

Dr Leo Foong TMA member in Rockingham WA Bucket lists are there to be crossed and this I have done after getting to visit Santiago for a week and the Patagonian region and then to Punta Arenas to fly to King George Island (thereby escaping the emetic Drake Passage) for an Antarctic Cruise. Patagonia is […]

The Flu Vaccine

Should I have the Flu Vaccine? Travellers risk coming into contact with influenza in airports where thousands of people gather from around the globe, bringing their various illnesses with them. The influenza vaccine, (flu shot) is a safe, killed derivative of three influenza strains. It is cheap and very effective against the strains in the vaccine. If you […]


  prepared by Dr Joan Chamberlain, TMA member in Rockhampton. Generally we felt reasonably secure but all bags must be held close and be closed firmly. Pick pockets do well. Loose items disappear quickly. We let our guard down in the last 15 minutes before leaving the conference hotel (5 star) and were rewarded with one of our […]

Travel Right, Travel Light

… Provided by Dr Joan Chamberlain, TMA member Rockhampton   Often people put a lot of time into their itinerary and flights but forget about pre travel advice and preparation. Also forgotten at times is consideration to your luggage and packing. Consideration should be given to your destination, activities, length of flight and luggage requirements. 1. […]