Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Aeroplanes parked in the desert….

Dr John Kenafake – Sunshine Coast Dive & Travel Medicine   Aeroplanes parked in the desert -?It doesn’t bode well for international travel.                       Welcome to the travel blog you’re having when you’re not travelling. I will deliberately NOT use the “C “ word [that’s […]

How to Bug your Travel Doctor

How to bug your Travel Doctor; A tongue in cheek look at questions/problems we face. Dr John Kenafake – Sunshine Coast Below are some of the day to day questions asked to Travel Doctors.


No vaccines will prevent this one though being knowledgeable of your accommodation and environment might help. This rare, but rather topical virus is carried by rodents and can be passed on via contact with their excrement. It occurs in both North and South America and East Asia and was first isolated in 1978 in Korea. No known […]


Viral Hepatitis A recent major conference in New Zealand has released a statement on this significant disease and its impact for the Australian and New Zealand populations. By world standards we are low risk for viral hepatitis HOWEVER about half a million people are living with the consequences of the disease in the two above […]

True Travel Adventure of a Mid Sixties Lady

  “Just do it”, ”Life be in it” and “seize the day” are common enough motivational and marketing phases so it’s refreshing when you meet ‘the real deal’. J.M. is a mid sixties female patient of mine with significant asthma. You could imagine her in the CWA or playing bingo at the local RSL. Scratch […]