Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

Travel to India

Towards the end of my second semester of university at the University of Queensland, I expressed to a friend the desire to “one day” do voluntary work somewhere/anywhere overseas.  To which her reply was “Well, I’ve actually just started helping Lattitude do interviews for a volunteer placement starting next February. I can send you a […]

Israel Holiday

‘Boker Tov’, good morning! Our tour of Israel lasted for twelve days, and every day was packed with visits to historical sites; many recorded in the Bible. It was thrilling to stand in historical places which are so well documented, and to see many towns and cities thriving due to the influx of immigrants seeking […]

Meningococcal B vaccine

Dr Julie Burke – Yeppoon BEXSERO , the first broadly effective Meningococcal B vaccine is indicated for immunisation of infants (from 2 months of age), toddlers, children, adolescents and adults against Meningococcal serogroup B (MenB) disease.  It’s  availability to travellers will be particularly useful for infants and exchange students, students studying overseas especially in  residential colleges, people […]

Elephantiasis – Sri Lanka

… Prepared by TMA Member Yeppoon, Qld: Megan Young (medical student) Travelling to third world countries as part of a medical attachment can be a life changing event with life long learned skills and memorable experiences. This 64 year old gent was happy to share his story with Megan Young, our final year medical student, presently […]

Immunisation – Children and Travel

… Prepared by TMA Member Yeppoon, Qld: Dr Julie Burke Travelling with children can be very rewarding. People of all ages and cultures are drawn especially towards children, often making the family travel experience especially fulfilling. Travelling with children does, however, pose some extra challenges. Ensuring optimum preventative care with pre travel vaccinations can eliminate some […]

A Year in South America

Brian and Debbie don their back-packs and pretend they are young – a year in South America. Intrepid travellers from way back, my husband and I, at 53 years old, found ourselves rattling around in our huge empty nest, encumbered by possessions, job security, and misguided ideas that our adult children still needed us. We […]