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Mindful Travelling

You may not be aware of it, but when you travel and see new places there is a high chance you might be practicing Mindfulness. That feeling you get, for example, when you reach the peak of a hike and look out to the panoramic view of a new horizon, being in awe of the spacious surroundings, taking in the sights and sounds of the moment. When your train of thought, your reflection or preoccupation of past or future events just stops and you’re just in the present moment. When the only thing existing in that moment is just the experience. 

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Sigiriya, Sri Lanka 

Travel Recommendation; Sri Lanka

Ayubowan Readers! “Ayubowan” is the word used in Sri Lanka to greet someone

Sri Lanka is a small Island off the south east tip of the Indian subcontinent. Measuring a total area of 65 610km, it is home to 20.5 million people (2013). Until 1972 the island was known as Ceylon, however still goes by many other names such as “The pearl of the Indian Ocean” and “The teardrop of India”. Colombo is the nation’s commercial and capital city. 

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Working with Symbiosis in Bangladesh

Lipi’s Story

The noises of the slum continue well into the wee hours of the morning. As Lipi and her husband stepped gingerly yet resolutely across the moonlit dry river bed, the muffled sound came again. Now they were closer to the source. Somehow the stillness of the night brought a clarity that added to the terror of the cry as it hung palpably in the air almost seeming to urge them forward. Reaching the large island of sand now in the centre of the old river, Lipi looked up at the group of huts just visible at the edge of the sand cliff in front of her. In her torch light she could just make out the sandbags set into the sloping cliff of sand, marking the well-worn pathway up. Almost crawling to keep from slipping at the final step, Lipi was grateful again for her husband’s strong hands on the small of her back easing her onto the flat path ahead. Looking down the four metres or so below, she wondered how they would go with the return journey.

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My Adventure In Nepal….?

Be prepared for anything!

I recently went on a trip to Nepal, it was not an adventure trip, just four fit and healthy women with a car and a driver. The aim of the trip was to have a good time and learn something new at a Travel Medicine Conference, which was being held in Kathmandu, as well as see the country that we often talk about.

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A travel bucket list from Alice Springs

As a solo GP living literally in the middle of Australia for the last 18 years, it is approx. 1500kms to the North & South, much further to the East or West. I do love a road trip or unfortunately it’s super expensive to fly out of Alice to connect to the rest of the world.

My first overseas trip was to New Zealand for my 40th birthday, now over 5 years ago. It is a postcard view as you drive across the Corona Ranges, down into Wanaka, where the lake, with Mt Aspiring National Park beckons you in the distance with snow capped mountains. For me living in Central Australia, despite loving our ranges, the views were gobsmacking.

From moving out of home aged 18 years, to working numerous part-time jobs to get through Medical School, to years off to make extra money to finish that degree, to the obligatory long hours working as a junior doctor in various roles averaging 80 – 100 hour weeks, time just seemed to have flown by. My peers could afford the overseas elective at the end of 5th year, but my first serious attempt to get overseas was halted, when I realised the 6 week elective to Kathmandu would be the cost of living through my final year of Uni. I was so bitter & twisted, but instead of the snow-capped Annapurna Ranges, I got on the Ghan & trained it up to the red & orange ranges of the Red Centre. My disappointment soon changed to excitement as it was nothing like I expected.

My love affair with Central Australia had begun.

Long story seriously truncated…

Lots of working to pay off university & accumulated life debts, completed various post graduate diplomas, celebrated the 10th anniversary of my own general practice, a 17 year relationship with my partner, the amazement of being a parent to the most awesome 6-year-old boy and somehow it is nearly 2017 & my overseas experiences have been 2 trips to Wanaka NZ & a 5 week road trip around Great Britain & Ireland for my brother’s wedding in Wales.

Working for myself for the last 10 years, I have had to live vicariously through my patients & their preparation ( sometimes inept ones at that!!) for their overseas trips. And this has inspired my own travel bucket list, which I am writing as I sit in a hospital waiting room awaiting my admission for major surgery. So apologies travel bloggers, this has been the only spare time I’ve had recently to compose my thoughts on a relevant topic & despite thinking about this for weeks I have come up blank. As I am engrossed with my impending morbidity & mortality risk, I am writing down my ultimate travel wish list to have something to look forward to after the next few months of recovery.

Nepal & Bhutan
PNG – Kokoda Track
Spain – to walk the Camino Trek
South America
Motor home around both islands of NZ ( need that road trip fix)
I could go on & on…. But my anaesthetic pre-check is over & I’m about to go into theatre. See you on the other side.

What’s your bucket travel list?

Merry Christmas & I hope 2017 is full of adventures, excitement, love & joy.

Dr Deb Mitchell

TMA Member Alice Springs


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The Bucket List

My travel bucket list; Dr Deb Mitchell

As a solo GP living literally in the middle of Australia for the last 18 years, it is approx. 1500kms to the North & South, much further to the East or West. Luckily I do love a road trip because unfortunately it isn’t cheap to fly out of Alice to connect to the rest of the world.

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Silfra Diving in Iceland

In June 2016, I went on a trip to Iceland.  The overwhelming highlight of the trip was having the opportunity to dry-suit dive at Silfra. Before visiting Iceland an intrepid friend of mine had told me of her adventure fresh-water diving between 2 tectonic plates in Iceland.

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Sea Sickness Tips

Who gets sea sickness?

Sea sickness can ruin sea voyages whether on small yachts or larger cruise ships. Although anyone can get sea sickness in severe conditions, some 20-30 % of the population are more prone, especially migraine sufferers, women and children. Situations that increase susceptibility include changes in boat motion, on-board reading, heavy weather, passenger fatigue and even extreme smells. Prevention measures are better than relying on using medications to treat sea sickness.

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The delayed 2016 Influenza Vaccine

Dr Cormac Carey, Medical Director, TMA Toowoomba

With the 100th birthday of CSL coinciding with Anzac Day this month and the first zephyrs of Winter’s winds arriving it is time to look at the turmoil re this year’s rollout of the 2016 influenza vaccine which has been anything but smooth. CSL started producing influenza vaccine in 1944 along with the mass production of penicillin which was widely used by both Australian and Allied troops in the closing stages of World War Two.

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Influenza Vaccine 2016


Dr Michael Long  TMA Narre Warren

Huh?!  I don’t need a flu shot for going to Thailand, Europe or the US do I? Isn’t the flu just a cold or the “man flu” or something the oldies get?

WRONG WRONG WRONG! Keep reading fellow travellers for more info

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