Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide
Call Your Closest Clinic, Australia-Wide

A trip to the Tropical Northern Queensland

By Dr Rafia Akhter A few days ago, I took some time off from work to visit Cairns, a city in tropical ‘Far North Queensland’ and considered to be the gateway to Australia’s Great Barrier Reef. I went there for a holiday trip with my extended family (group of 10 people!) for a week. I […]

Going Home To Visit Grandma

Dr Chris Davenport , TMA Boronia   It’s Monday morning, another busy day in General Practice filled with the usual interesting patients – for blood pressure reviews, medication repeats, women’s health discussions and children with the latest coughs and colds.

Sigiriya, Sri Lanka 

Travel Recommendation; Sri Lanka Ayubowan Readers! “Ayubowan” is the word used in Sri Lanka to greet someone Sri Lanka is a small Island off the south east tip of the Indian subcontinent. Measuring a total area of 65 610km, it is home to 20.5 million people (2013). Until 1972 the island was known as Ceylon, […]

Decompression Sickness ( The ‘ Bends ‘ )

Prepared by TMA Member Boronia  Decompression Sickness (DCS)  is also known as Acute Decompression Illness (ADI) or, more colloquially, as the ‘bends’ (because the pain involved can bend a person). DCS in the setting of scuba diving or deep-sea diving, refers to an illness caused by an overly rapid ascent to the water’s surface. During […]